Next Event – 2018 – Head Of The Marina Regatta

You remember that I raced in this 5,000m (3.2 mile) course in a single last year. My main concern was that I didn’t tip the boat and roll into the water.

Well, it’s a year later now, and that fear seems to have subsided. Plus, I have a partner, and we have a 2-person boat, which is called a double. And we have a man and a woman, which is called a Mixed Double, which is a good deal more stable than the single—and much faster. Iva and I will be racing before the home crowd for the first time on Sunday, November 4th.  We hope that the several months of training that we’ve had together on this boat, will give you a little idea of just how smooth and how beautiful rowing can truly be. This race is of course much different than a sprint. It’s 5,000m vs 1,000m. The boats go off one by one from a running start, rather than a standing start. The ranking is all based on time.

At this time, we don’t know the exact hour, but we do know that it will be on November 4thsometime in the morning. As we mentioned last year, we know there is a great deal of competition for your time on any Sunday morning in the year. But the folks that attended last year had a lot of fun with great company, good food and an exciting race.

You will have the double opportunity of meeting my nee partner Iva Obradovic and Mindy Ruby our rowing mascot. But we still hope you can make it and we’ll keep you advised of when the event will start. It should be fun!