A Great Coach Is A Gift From Heaven

Iva Obradovic has signed on to be my coach, rowing trainer, competitive partner, and psychologist for the next several years. I’m truly fortunate to have found a person who loves rowing, loves teaching, loves coaching, and loves competing herself. So, it just plain works great for us. Iva is 6’2” and is 34 years old (height being as important in rowing as it is in basketball.) In addition to her rowing prowess, she is a wonderful, wonderful person.

She is Serbian, and as such she has won every trophy possible in that country and is the only woman to have represented Serbia in rowing in the Olympics—which she did in Beijing in 2008, coming in fifth in the single scull event.

She came over to the United States on a full scholarship to UC Berkeley and helped them to win their first womens’ 8-person boat gold medal at the NCAA Championships. Since graduating Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology (which helps her understand me) she has been rowing and coaching in many parts of the world. For the past two years she has been an assistant coach for the UCLA Women’s Rowing team. I lured her over to the Ruby Racing Conglomerate with the promise of being able to have time for personal competitive training as well as a good deal of competitive racing with me, as well as on her own, with singles or other boats. I could go on for pages, but she will be at the November 4thHead of the Marina Regatta reception, where you’ll have the pleasure of meeting her personally.