2018 – San Diego Fall Classic

The San Diego 5k Was Weird

This is a 5,000 meter race, which looks just about like a corkscrew the way they have the course laid out. The boats kept bunching up and almost hitting each other, and the buoys were like magnets, where you really had to work hard to stay away from hitting one—which we were not successful at on an occasion or two.

One situation in particular comes to mind, where a couple was hogging all the space between two buoys where we had to make a turn, and this necessitated some loud comments from Iva. Any resemblance to her and a NYC taxi driver is coincidental but you get the idea. The other lady really took it on and continued the interchange on an even lower note.

For some strange reason, we were the ones who got the penalty on this one. Well, we finally made it in but certainly didn’t win any medals. Afterward, we went over to one of the little islands on Mission Bay where the UCLA team was finishing a  four day training camp. We had a wonderful barbecue and all was forgotten.