2018 – Head Of The America Regatta – Sacramento

Head of the America race was full of fun and hijinks.

All was going well on this beautiful day on the American River back bay. There were just two lanes. But for some unknown reason, the starter let an eight person boat get started just two minutes after we left. Of course an eight person boat is much faster than two person boats, so they caught up with us giving us hundreds of meters of backwash and rough water. Then coming into the finish, the best angle for approaching the finish was from our lane. So, the coxswain cut over our line to get that good angle, and almost ran into us.

Of course Iva had a few choice words to say to the coxswain and backed them off, but not enough to make it seem like our boat was going over Niagra Falls. Not a great deal of conversation between our two boats afterwards. We’ll hope for a better race next time.