Rowing Team

In addition to Iva and I, we are fortunate to have a team of fun, dedicated folks supporting our rowing efforts including:

Tim Hynes, my photo and technical associate, who rises to any occasion and handles all of the logistics, outfitting, of the boats here and in Mexico. He handles details having to do with the races, statistics for training, and travel etc. Tim is also the Editor in Chief of this Chronicle. Then we have Michael Sweeney, who is in charge of transportation. Jairo who is transportation assistant. Sando, who is the long time trainer at the Ruby household. Dannie, who is the associate editor of the Ruby Rowing Chronicle, as well as public relations director. And of course, our head cheerleader, booster, publicist, and all-around support, Yvette Mimieux Ruby.

If any of you would like to join Team Ruby, send your resume to Dannie and it will be duly considered.