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Welcome back again to the Ruby Rowing Chronicle

Let No Time Be Wasted

Seeing how Iva will be out during the end of her pregnancy and after giving birth, it seemed like a good time to get new, bionic shoulders put in to replace the no cartilage remaining bone on bone shoulder joints that I currently have. We have just the right doctor, Dr. John Itamura, who everyone says is the best replacement surgeon in the city, and besides, he’s awfully nice.

We watched while he took the numbers off the CT scan, put it into a computer program, and out came a 3D model of the exact new ball and socket that will go into my shoulder. It’s a relatively simple operation with a technique which has been in use for years. I start my first one on March 10th. Because it’s heavy pressure rowing and not golf, we’ll wait the full three months between operations on each shoulder and the restart of rowing. Which puts us sometime at the beginning of September. Doc says that the special 3D print up prosthesis will last about 15 years. I guess by the age of 100 I won’t care if they’re a little creaky. But think of all the great rowing that will take place between now and then because I’m taking this action during the time that our dear Iva will be out of action !

We will be unstoppable !

Howard Ruby