We Are Having A Baby !

We’re going to have a baby!

Well—not exactly me.

But my partner for the last year and a half! Our 35 year old Olympic rowing star who most of us know, is having a baby with Boran, her better half and soon to be husband. Boran is 6’8” and she’s 6’2”, so this baby might very well be the first female basketball player in the NBA. Otherwise, she’ll be the most outstanding rower in the history of the sport.

Mother and baby are fine. Iva had to stop rowing after four months. Seems as if the baby was getting in the way. We do have a plan however, with Iva riding in our coaching boat, which is so quiet and flat that it can operate very near my single boat. Iva plans to be back rowing at least indoors within several weeks of birthing her baby and we will be on the water ready for some of our exciting fall activities. That will give us time to get in condition for the 4th Annual Head of the Marina Regatta in early November. We’re all looking forward to that one. And then we will finish out the rest of the seasons races in Long Beach and San Diego.