Howard Ruby – Publishers Note

Welcome to the Ruby Rowing Chronicle

The other day, a sports performance coach from UCLA said to me “You’re not a man of nearly 83, you’re an athlete! Anyone who works as hard as you do, has come so far in a year, and has such high expectations for his own performance, is an athlete.” No one had ever described me in that way before and I loved it. How rewarding and inspirational.

For over a year, my weight has gone off the roller coaster and has been steady at minus 30 pounds. My diet of high protein and complex carbs has been extremely positive. My athletic schedule will not bring me up to the level of Jack Lalanne (I won’t be towing 32 boats with my teeth as I swim across a lake at 85 years old!) — but I am healthier and more physically fit than at any other time in my life.  I am more excited about competitive crew racing with my new rowing partner, and with the days and weeks that are flying by, than I ever could have imagined.

Sure, I hope to get some of my sight restored in the next year or so, but experiencing what I am right now is plenty enough for the time being. I have no plans to write a book or start giving speeches, but my friends and family have been encouraging me to share my story with others – and that’s the reason behind this blog.

I do hope these posts will inspire others to live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives. Please join me in this adventure by reading this Chronicle, personally take from this unfolding story anything that you can, and also share it with a friend! Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and encouragement.

Howard Ruby