2018 World Rowing – Masters Regatta Championships – Sarasota

Howard and Iva achieved 20th  place out of 42 boats.

This was our second race together in our new partnership. We were challenged by heavy winds, as high as 14 mph, and top-notch rowers from all over the world.

Were we happy with our race ? In many ways, yes.  We are happy with our results, and the great finish. I am sure we will keep getting better and better as we get more experienced with more and more training.

But, this was some kind of thrill, to be there, with all the excitement of thousands of rowers and their thousands of boats, and a fair-like atmosphere with dozens of vendors’ booths consisting of all things rowing.

While it was 90 degrees, it was clear and sunny and the wind cooled things down a little bit. Just to be there was exciting and to be rowing a second time with my new partner, Iva, and seeing what potential we have for the future, was even better.

We have five races coming up in the next three months so the racing experience factor will be well on its way before the end of the year.