Racing Schedule – 2019

In the spring and summer, most of the masters division of races are what is called sprint races which are 1,000 meters long, college and elite rowing schedules are about a month earlier than us and they race sprints at 2,000 meters in length.

In the fall and early winter racing changes over to what are called head races which are 5,000 meters in length and we are planning to join in many of those as well.

This year the Masters Nationals race will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan in August and the World Masters competition will be at Lake Velence, Hungary, near Budapest. What an exciting adventure that’s going to be.

When we come back to the east coast of America the biggest race of the year, which called the Head of the Charles River will be in Boston alongside Harvard and MIT, and it is the most famous venue in the country. It’s also the most historic for racing, having started there in the 1800’s, after coming over from London. They have 12,000 participants, and 150,000 spectators over the course of the two days the race takes place. More on this one later. We wind up the year with more local races in California. We’ll keep you informed of our progress. We’ll let you know if there will be a year-end party at the Marina del Rey head race in November. Stay tuned!

April 6-7th – San Diego Crew Classic – San Diego, California

August 15-18th – US Rowing Masters Nationals – Grand Rapids, Michigan

September 11-15th – World Champion Masters Regatta – Lake Velence, Hungary

October 19-20th – Head of the Charles – Charles River, Massachusetts

November 2-3rd – Head of the Hooch – Chattanooga, Tennessee

November 10th – San Diego Fall Classic – San Diego, California