UCLA Men’s Crew Racing has a New “Mascot”

UCLA Men’s Crew Racing has a New “Mascot” Me.

Every Wednesday they are expanding a program to have practice races, or what they call scrimmages, with other teams in Marina del Rey. They’re rather informal, but a lot of fun. I row in either the double or the quad with some of the UCLA crew racers.

They give us a little head start and then the rest of them bear down on us—mostly just to save face. They have to beat us to save face, but one of these days we’ll show them! Coach Marcel and assistant coaches Ted and Dominic just couldn’t be nicer. And the senior racers you would all be proud of to have as your own sons.

They have their own Regatta which will be on March 8th, which is just a local event. But they’ve invited me to join the open last race. What a lovely addition to my rowing world.